Mindflow Radio: Mindful Peeps Seek Truth

Mindflow Radio #69: Resolving the War Within

April 03, 2022 The Heart Mind Center
Mindflow Radio: Mindful Peeps Seek Truth
Mindflow Radio #69: Resolving the War Within
Show Notes

Happy Spring!

Here is this shows line up:

  • Three Little Birds (Bob Marley cover)
  • Talk about how to become aware of the original conflict which resides in ourself. 
  • Ho'oponopono - Hawaiin meditation - I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.
  • Explanation of how to use this meditation as a tool to hold the tone of your intentions for an innovative harmonious future.
  • Gayatri Mantra

We have made it April 2022! I am so grateful to have the warm sun and the snow all melt away. Somehow this winter I made more peace than ever before as a southern bell living in the northern winters ;)

We have been devoting much time into the creation of The Heart Mind Center, filling out papers, having meetings and playing our songs as well as practicing ragas and scales! Sharing the good word of being present and connected to the universal source energy.

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What's a Satsang you ask? Simply the same formula as our podcast. It's like a live Mindflow Radio show! What is Insight Timer? In my opinion, Insight Timer is the best meditation app I have yet to come across. There are live yoga, tai chi, music, meditation sessions as well as recorded music, meditations and talks, and lastly they have the best meditation timer ever!! Some come on over and join the millions of people enjoying good vibes.

Blessings on your next moon cycle!

Thank you,

Jai Lynn

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