Mindflow Radio: Mindful Peeps Seek Truth

Mindflow Radio #56: Mindful Living

April 09, 2021 IMI (Integrated Mindfulness Institute) & Lotus Head Music
Mindflow Radio: Mindful Peeps Seek Truth
Mindflow Radio #56: Mindful Living
Show Notes

This week we introduce you to what is mindful living and how did Mindflow Radio begin. We share our intention of mindful entertainment, contemplation, and education. As well as our desire to share transcendental music.

In this show, we share many mindful living tips that you can use in daily life. We discuss metacognition, self-talk, and postural awareness. We also cover a basic breathing focus chant called Om Tat Sat which is our favorite breath focuses. This show is a great show to check out to get some potent mindful living tips.

MUSIC VIDEOS IN THIS EPISODE: (Lotus Head Music Filmed Live)
" Wah Yantee" Performed by Lotus Head Music with Monte on bass, and Jai Lynn on harmonium and vocals.

This song is a compilation of one of the oldest chants in Sanskrit along with my English song that I, Jai Lynn, feel encompasses the meaning. We wrote this song a few years ago as a pep talk to listen to the wisdom inside. My favorite line – “you will find your teachers and guides and you will find the wisdom too”. This says to me, that we do need teachers and mentors but to not forget that we also have the wisdom that brought us to these teachers as well as the ability to discern the wisdom from the ego of these teachers. I think there is a balance to be made in figuring things out on our own and having supportive guidance from outside of us that we found by following our intuition.

Lamont P. McPheron (MS, LPC), author of "The Mindfulness Handbook," is a psychotherapist whose techniques are revolutionizing the field.

Jai Lynn McPheron (LMT, E-RYT) specializes in the mind-body-breath connection, and in creating and holding safe spaces for healing.

We specialize in trauma recovery as well as collaborate through our work as: Mindfulness Podcasts, Transcendental Musicians, Authors, Psychotherapists, Mindful Yoga Coaches, Tai Chi Instructors, Mindful Living Course Creators, and Educators.

For the full video version on this podcast: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpROojVtR-uSVr0HDCMqQAKH_2K3jHsGb

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